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Episode 28 – USAF Fire Protection Discussion w/The Air Force Civil Engineer – Brig Gen William Kale III November 24, 2020 1183 2 5

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In Episode 28, Matt speaks with Brigadier General William Kale to discuss his experiences so far in the Air Force and the role he played as a Base Fire Marshall and Commander. So far in his career, he has commanded at the squadron, group, and wing levels, has served on three headquarters staffs, and has served as a Legislative Fellow. In addition to sharing his personal experiences, he also discusses what his role is for Air Force Firefighters, career field initiatives on his radar, and what his expectations are for Firefighters currently serving. Brig Gen Kale currently serves as the Air Force Director of Civil Engineers, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Engineering, and Force Protection at the Headquarters U.S. Air Force, the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia.

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