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DoD Firefighter Rescue & Survival School

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Mission: To preclude death and injury by forging essential fireground rescue and survival skills.

What: DoD Firefighter Rescue & Survival School – Class 10

Where: Grissom Air Reserve Base, Indiana

When: 22-26 Apr 2024

How to Apply: Complete the form at the bottom of this page for more information

– Open to all DoD firefighters. Candidates may not be on a profile or have a fitness assessment failure

– Course is funded by Grissom ARB

– Home units are responsible for travel and lodging. Travel days are 21 Apr and 27 Apr

In many other career fields, physical and emotional constraints can be built around the individual. In Fire Protection, however, we must be able to adapt to the constraints dictated by the emergency. We never know when we will be in harm’s way. It is crucial that we maintain a constant readiness for the safety of ourselves and our fellow firefighters. The purpose of this course is to develop the tactile skills, decision-making ability, and adaptability necessary to prevent and respond to mayday situations on the fireground.

This is a physically demanding course. Each objective is designed to simulate a potential worst-case scenario and students should expect to spend the majority of each training day in full PPE. The course is 95% hands-on with many drills being completed in succession. Students should be prepared to practice proper nutrition and hydration throughout the week.

Graduate Patch

Each individual must pass the standards briefed before each event to receive a “GO” in the listed objective. Failure of any of these tasks will not result in elimination from the course. Students who pass the tasks-conditions-standards set forth for each course objective will earn the “No Slack” patch.

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